BEAT is the first Georgian PDF magazine which mostly unites young artists, those who always search for novelty and have desires of being innovative in their creative works.

Today advertisement is surrounding us everywhere: at home, in the streets, in telephones, buses and taxis, cafes, magazines, cinemas, in the fridge and on the kitchen table as well… sometimes we are not even aware about the fact that we wear an advertisement in everyday life ourselves.

In this huge global “advertisement noise” around us people have somehow lost any sense of perception of advertising products and frequently don’t even react on it. Though lots of advertising agencies do all their best inventing new and new means of attraction to draw attention of people on their products.

BEAT will try to innovate on the subject and propose exclusively new shapes of advertisement in the general advertising space, making every advertisement a part of the art, as far as advertisement normally in BEAT will be transformed as a part of art itself.

This is the new form of using an advertisement in a way to populate young artist’s works and give them free opportunities for their dreams come true.
We are looking forward to your response.

We need your advertisement in our magazine. This is the main way for realization of our ideas.

You need to advertise in BEAT because it will be the most loud beat in the whole “ADVERTISING NOISE”.

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